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to use AI Vision on any website

Go through following steps after installing Blenny.

Step 1 - Activate Blenny

Simply Press


Use (Ctrl +B on Windows) to activate Blenny.



Tutorial step 1

Click the icon in the upper right corner of the page

Step 2 - Start using Blenny

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Snap and perform AI-assisted tasks in seconds

Choose from a list of quick actions to analyze the content. Our pre-built prompts allow you to instantly summarize text, translate words, recognize objects and more.

You can also save your own customized prompts as quick actions. Define triggers and responses to carry out tasks tailored to your needs.

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Customize and build
your own AI agents

Snap an area of interest, and Blenny will process the context for conversation. This feature allows for a more natural dialogue about the content on the page without needing to re-provide context each time.

You can chat about the implications, meanings, related information, and more based on the selected area.

Perk: Import AI Vision Prompts

Experience the convenience and efficiency of AI vision-assisted tasks like never before with the GPT4-V prompts. Whether you're a researcher, student, professional, or simply curious, Blenny's Prompt Gallery empowers you to extract more value from the vast web information available on the web.

Access Prompt Galley for FREE

Step 3 - Where can you use Blenny

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